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Stress can harm us. You can feel your body getting tense and
you are uncomfortable - witch reduces your quality of life.

Yoga can help you out of the problem with tense muscles in your body. Hatha-Yoga stretches your muscles and makes your body more comfortable. Your tense feeling will gradually go away if you use some of the following simple Yoga practice daily. Most important with yoga is to stretch and soften your muscles. Not tempo and condition in de meaning of doing the exercise fast. The stretch should be done calmly and soft.

Here is the Yoga exercise. We hope the drawings and
 the text will help you without any further instruction.

Use a blanket or something comfortable to lie on. Use the floor where you have enough space to do the movements. Be sure to have a calm time while you do yoga.

Lie down on your back with your arms alongside your body. Breed quiet and stay in that comfortable position until you feel calm. Breeding softly and feel relaxed. This is the position you go back to after each exercise. Remember to lie like this until you are calm and you breed softly. Remember to breed through your nose if possible. That's important.

Try to find a comfortable inn and out breeding while you do the exercise, like breeding out while you bow forward and breeding in while you go up again. Do all the exercises slowly. You will feel your body is getting softer with daily practice.

Don't press and stress yourself through the exercises: Take it easy and you will improve every day. In the morning your body will feel more stiff than later in the day - and its very good to start the day with some yoga exercise. You will feel better and more awake with daily yoga exercises.

 Now you are ready for the Yoga exercise.

Sit in a tailor position like on the drawing. Put both your hands on top of your head and press softly. Do this point after point down your neck, shoulders and to your heart

Exercise 1

Sit in a tailor position like on the drawing. Start with your right hand. Press softly on your left arm and follow up point after point to your shoulder and to your heart. Change to the other harm and do the same.

Exercise 2


Squat on the ground like on the drawing. Lay both your hand on your stomach. Press softly point after point up to the heart.

Exercise 3


Squat on the ground. Rise up on your knees like on the drawing. Stay in that position a minute or tree as you feel while you breed softly through your nose. Then go back to the Squat on the ground position.

Exercise 4


Sit on the floor. Stretch your right foot out and bend your left foot like on the drawing. Then stretch your both arms softly out to the right and try to reach your right knee with your head. Stretch out softly and stay in the position a while. Don't press yourself. Breed quietly or breed out while you go forward and breed in while your rise up. Reverse and do the same on the other side.

Exercise 5


This exercise can be done together with the next exercise (7). Lie flat on the floor as you started in the first place with your arms alongside your body. Lift up your legs up like on the drawing and support the position with your hands like on the drawing. Keep your legs straight - don't bend them. Stay in that position as long as it is comfortable to you - some minutes - go back to the resting position or continue to the exercise 7.

Exercise 6


Start with exercise 6. bend your legs behind your head like on the drawing. Keep your legs straight - that means don't bend your knees. Feel the stretch in your legs and stay in that position as long as you feel comfortable - something lake two minutes in the beginning. With more experience you can increase to more minutes.

Exercise 7

Lie down on your stomach. Bend slowly up like on the drawing, press your chest forward and keep your hip on the floor. Stay in that position some minutes. Move softly back to your start position. Rest on your side or like before after the exercise.

Exercise 8


Lie down on your stomach with your hands alongside your body. Press your hands against the floor and lift up your legs like on the drawing. Remember to keep your legs straight - don't bend your knees. Stay in that position some minutes as long as you can or find comfortable and rest like exercise 8.

Exercise 9


Sit on the floor. Stretch softly out your right leg and bow your left leg over the right. Put your right arm on your right leg like on the drawing. Stretch your left arm up in front of you and bend softly sideways backwards - back as long as you can and keep your eyes focuses on your hand in the turn. Feel the good stretch in your back. Stay in that position a minute or two to start up with. Go softly back to the front position and do the same exercise to the other side.

Exercise 10

Keep your legs straight. Start to bow softly forwards with your head, then your neck, your back gradually. Stretch your arms against your feet and feel the stretch in your legs. Stay in this positions for some minutes and go back to the start position gradually the same way you bended down - start with the lower part of your back and so on.

Exercise 11



Sit in the floor in a tailor position. Put your right hand up to your nose like on the drawings: Press to your right side of the nose so the air is blocked in the nostril on this side and the air can only pass on the other side of the nose. Breed in while you count to 4. Close the other nostril with your little finger. Keep the breath while you count to 16. Then open your left nostril and breed out while you count to 8. Then breed in on your left nostril while you count to 4 and so on changing side doing the same thing over again. Use your right hand all the time. 

Exercise 12





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