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The Queen of Coastal Steamers

The most beautiful sea journey in the world

This is the land of the midnight sun. On board the Norwegian Coastal Steamers from Bergen to Kirkenes: Many tourists form all over the world has discovered this beautiful sea journey.

- When crossing the Polar Circle a surprise is waiting for you
- What kind of surprise?
- I'm not going to tell you: You wait and see for yourself.

 On board the coastal steamer:
Gunnar Christensen

The Norwegian coastal steamer from Bergen to Krikenes is essential to the people living on the northern coastline. And it has been for generations. Every day all the year through there are always steamers heading north or south covering the distance of 2500 sea miles in all kinds of weather.

For generations the population alongside the northern coastline regard the coastal steamers as the most reliable way of transport in the hard winter season.

Many tourists form all over the world enter these ships. Many of them order their tickets two years in advance. It's one of the most popular sea journeys in the world and the most beautiful one.

Experienced sailors are needed on these seajourneys because the coastline is demanding. The coastal steamers are to the population on the coastline reguarded as a part of the coast and has been for generations. On board you get close to the coast, the people and the fjords on these trips. And the beautiful nature comes closer to you during this week on board.

The tourist ships are strangers on this coastline. You never get close to the coastline in them. The coastal steamer on the other hand is the main transport lifeline to half a million people living on the coastline in the northernmost counties Finnmark and Nor-Norge. You meet local people small society and small places. Most of all you see a lot of beautiful nature on the coast every day from Bergen to the North Cape and Kirkenes. You can also take guided trips ashore reaching the steamer in the next harbour.

In a fine way the coastal steamer manages to take care of both the tourists and the local people on board.

North of Bodø the steamer is normally over booked during the tourist season: Beside the North Cape you get guided trips by bus in Tromsø around the town an up on top of the local mountain overlooking the town. A two days trip from Kirkenes to Karasjok and back to the ship at Hammerfest. You get from Harstad to Sortland by bus. In Trondheim you get a bus trip to the famous Ringve Music Museum and a lot more.

The coastal steamer goes into the narrow Troll Fjord. You see the big mountains totally cowered by sea-birds called Sværholdtklubben. You see the famous mountain Torghatten. And you get guiding onboard and on shore by professional people in summer season.

And most important to many tourists: You see the midnight sun in summer.

 Photo: Local Fishing-ship in Bergen habour.

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