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Beautiful Rome has maintained its distinctive character. Beauty characterizes the city's architecture and art. The people of Rome are proud of the city, and rightly so.

Photo : Gunnar Christensen

On Piaz Navone: Buy Italy's best ice cream here.

Pantheon tempel

At the Pantheon tempel

 Near Forum Romanum.

Pazza Spagna





The sights are numerous and popular. Busy small streets with tourists, local people, mopeds and cars on the old cobblestones and historic ground.

Select a hotel in central Rome where you have walking distance to all sights: A good map and good running shoes is all you need plus the Euro.

Best climate in Rome is April and May. In July and August, the city is too hot.

The best pizza
is served in Rome at
 Da Baffetto
Near Piaz Navone