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Lindesnes Lighthouse

Photo / text © : Gunnar Christensen

A stay in the lighthouse keeper's house

Lighthouse keeper's house has three apartments. You can hire the best of them with panoramic sea views. A smiling lighthouse keeper welcomes you, helps you to find your apartment and inform you about the lighthouse where you can climb up the tower.

The apartment is a spatial, 50-century in style over two floors with two living rooms, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Accommodation for 6 persons with satellite TV and internet connection decorated with new IKEA furniture. You can feel the peace. The Ocean smells of salt and you are in the middle of the most beautiful Coastal landscape. No wonder people come from all over the world to visit just this single apartment.

This is a most beautiful orchestra seat to the open sea.

Many are not aware that it is possible to rent an apartment in the lighthouse keeper's house. This is the key to the greatest experience at the lighthouse. Here you can follow the lighthouse and the natural environment day and night. You kan rent this apartment any time of the year including the winterstorm and the fine summer weather.


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Lindesnes Lighthouse was in 1656 the first lighthouse in Norway. Today a lighthousetower build in 1915 is working at Lindesnes.

Mr. Kjell Olsen is one of the lighthouse keepers working here.The friendly lighthouse keeper ensures that you get more out of a stay at the lighthouse than day visitors



Lighthouse keeper's house









Nature trails in the area provide opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities

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Mt. Galdhøpiggen
- on top of Norway.
The highpoint of
a summer holiday.


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