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Mt. Galdh°piggen
- on top of Norway

The highpoint of a summer holiday.

 Galdh°piggen at 2469 meters above sea level in Jotunheimen

By Gunnar Christensen

Galdh°piggen is the highest mountain peak in northern Europe at 2469 meters above sea level . And it's the most beautiful walk you can do in the famous Norwegian mountain area called Jotunheimen.

From Spiterstulen at 1100 meters above sea level you can climb up to the top of Galdh°piggen without any special equipment for climbing the mountain other than ordinary clothes and shoes for cold weather. And you can drive up to Spiterstulen.

 Looking west from the peak of Galdh°piggen.

According to the map printed by the Norwegian tourist information the walk from Spiterstulen to the top of Galdh°piggen is described as 4 hours up and 2 hours back down to Spiterstulen.

But don't you rely on that information. Most people use up to seven hours up including rests. Down from the top it takes far more than 2 hours - you can more than double that because you must watch up for all the stones on the path.

View on the way up to the top Galdh°piggen.

So start your trip to the Galdh°piggen peak early so you're not hunted by the darkness on your way back.

And be aware of the rules for walking in the mountains: The weather can change fast in the mountain area and you will need warm clothes and good shoes for the climbing up the path to the top across lots of stones and snow: Food, water and so on.

If this sounds too tuff for you, there is an easier way up: You can drive up to Juvasshytta at 1840 meters above sea level and walk a much shorter and easier distance up to the top at 2469. But from Juvasshytta you must cross over large areas with ice - so don't walk alone on this ice: Most people cross the ice-area in groups with a guide.

Whatever way up to the beautiful Galdh°piggen, - it's a trip you will never forget.

Jotunheimen: Spiterstulen at 1100 meters above sea level between Mt. Galdh°piggen and Mt. Glitretind.

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