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Amusement in Scandinavia:
Leisure Parks

This is your guide to the de best leisure and family parks for amusement in Scandinavia. Emphasis is placed on the child-friendliness, adaptation for the whole family, availability and overall impression.

We help you find the best family amusement/leisure Parks in Scandinavia

The Parks has been tested and given points with amount of sun-signs. We look specially at the possibilities for all members of the generation in a family: We value a real family Park and the total impression the Park is giving.

Leisure parks in Norway, Denmark and Sweden that have been tested and given points by the number sun symbols. Best points are five sun symbols. We ranked the parks:
The best is 5 sun signs.


The zoo in Kristiansand

The zoo was basically a zoo that has gradually extended to the water park and amusement park. There are many attractions such as Cardamom Town.

 This is a great family park with a variety suitable for the whole family.

Tusenfryd ASA
near by Oslo is located in a steep east-facing terrain.

Most of the main attractions are warning that pregnant women, heart-sick, people with high blood pressure, etc. discouraged to use the attractions. This together with the steep terrain puts a big obstacle for grandparents who want to take their grandchildren to the amusement park.

This is more an overgrown carnival than an amusement park for the width of the population. An annoyance is the many booths with games for children who are spread out across the area: They are expensive and have efficient gains: It is robbing the children's pocket money.

Bø Summer Land,

  Bo amusement is primarily a water park. Thus a short season and the mercy of the weather. Swimming country is partly steep terrain with a small amusement park and play stands at the top.

Circus Performances take place in a small tent. No water parks in Norway can compete with this offer for the swimming onlookers of all ages.

Hunderfossen Family Park,

Want to see the real Il Tempo Gigante and become familiar with the Norwegian folk tales in Ivo Kaprinos spirit of this place. In addition, a small carnival? The park is not large: It pulls down that the price is relatively expensive and it has been since the park opened.

 The park is most suitable for the smallest. Teenagers are bored here.


Fårup Summerland

Water park and leisure park in the traditional sense, and a variety of good deals. Plenty of room both inside the facility and outside on the parking lots.

This is often the first highlight for the children on the Denmark trip and more visit here comes quickly on the wish list.

Tivoli in Aalborg

This is a traditional small amusement park that is limited to a quarter of the city. Compared with many other theme parks this seems small and restricted to limited opportunities.For parents, it could be a nice reunion with "memories from the childhood" .

 even though the plant now pales next to others and more recent recreational parks

  Tivoli in Copenhagen

A classic amusement park with carnival-long traditions and a variety of interest for the whole family.

A genteel gem for the recreation in central Copenhagen.

Legoland, Billund

 Legoland is the absolute best leisure park in Denmark. In many ways, Legoland is a qualitatively highlight for the children because the offer here is so varied, diverse and distinctive. There are a lot of experiences for the children.

The disadvantage of Legoland is that so many people wants to go there - very often crowded. It is easily long sweaty queues in the summer season.

  Jesperhus flower land in Jutland

Jesperhus is a beautiful flowering park that often looks better to the older than the children: This is a great source of inspiration for all garden enthusiasts. There are however also several offers to children, especially the kids.

There are beautiful picnic areas for family lunch. If you come here on rainy days there is an indoor swimming facilities close by.

  Djurs amusement of Jutland

Varying quality: Something new and nice but also somewhat tired facilities that could well be upgraded.


Astrid Lindgren Centre,
Vimmerby, Småland

Many families come to the Astrid Lindgren centre in Sweden with great expectations and for a good reason: Both the books and films about Emil, Pippi and all the other famous and beloved Lindgren characters are top class. Therefore, the visit to Lindgren Center is a major downturn. Here it is done little other than to set up some mini-houses and a small museum and a little acting performance by local forces in the summer season. This joins the ranks of many Swedish leisure activities that are poorly made.

But if you still take the trip then visit Kathult, the nice farm where Emil films were recorded. It is located a short drive away from Vimmerby town. Although the farm is no longer so well maintained as it was in the movies, this is a little pearl well worth the visit for the children who recognizes both the carpentry shed and outhouse.

Skara Summerland,

A tired recreational park where the maintenance was so-so. A low offer compared to most Danish leisure parks.

  Liseberg, Gothenburg

This is more carnival than recreational park and memories like that seen on a much larger version of the Norwegian "Tusenfryd" regarding offer. Liseberg, however, has significantly longer tradition as a carnival and have a lot more of variety to offer.


Liseberg has through the years had a number of accidents with serious injuries no later than July 14, 2008. It is therefore an open question whether this recreational park takes security seriously.


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- The most impressive mountain pass in Northern Europe


  Wild Reindeer
near Mt. Galdhøpiggen

 Wild reindeer are only forund in the large
mountain areas in South Norway.


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